How to download NTN certificates ?

NTN certificate download

You can download the NTN certificate from the Federal Board of Revenue. Firstly, you should have to file income tax returns in Pakistan through registration with the FBR (Federal Board of Revenue). The FBR registration applies to an individual, a business, a foreign national, or an organization of individuals (AOP). They are e-enrollment on the IRIS system of the Federal Board of Revenue.

We promote the registration of Iris for our customers. Once you are registered with the portal the FBR assigns you a registration number or National tax number (NTN) and your password of registration. For knowing more about Iris read the article “What is IRIS FBR portal?”

What is NTN Certificate?

The NTN or National Tax Number, the Federal Board of Revenue issued a one-of-a-kind identification number / a unique ID number to authenticate a company’s registration. You must first register with NTN when you want to open a business bank account or conduct any financial transaction in Pakistan.

NTN for Individual in Pakistan

Individual citizens in Pakistan must get National Tax numbers from the FBR to submit income tax returns to the agency. As an outcome, Royal tax offers the best NTN Registration services in Pakistan to both individual and non-resident customers. Please contact us if you need to immediately obtain your accurate NTN number.

NTN for Company or Corporate

To send income tax returns to the FBR, both operational and non-operational companies in Pakistan must get an NTN from the FBR. To sort out your problem of registering both your business and organization, Royal tax offers the best NTN Registration services in Pakistan. As an outcome, the increased withholding tax on your company’s corporate transactions and other goods and services will be greatly reduced.

Benefits of NTN


Benefits for NTN holders

Anyone who wants to collect the National Tax number must register with the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), which is part of the government. The following benefits apply to a person who has NTN:

  • His company becomes more favorable, he or she get many other benefits and it gives the company more power. If his or her business is registered and has NTN number people completely trust the company and choose to do business with you.
  • The annual income tax return must be filed by an NTN holder
  • It is thought that the NTN holder is a truly individual and loyal to the country, and the sign of patriotism
  • The owner of the registered company and he pay income tax will get many benefits from the government
  • The income taxpayer may get contracts from the government and can participate in the auctions
  • At the international level, the income taxpayer is known as honorable, truthful, and genuine with the country
  • Companies with an NTN number provide clients with a sense of safety
  • People in Pakistan are more relaxed and hopeful about conducting business with people and businesses who have an NTN
  • It exhibits a sense of patriotism towards the country as well as a method of rooting out corruption
  • Paying tax to the government demonstrates a sense of obligation to the country
  • If the taxpayer gets public designation or becomes a government servant, no one can raise objections on him and not file disqualification once
  • Having an NTN helps a person to file an annual report of the income tax to the Pakistan Income Tax Department
  • As a businessman, having a legitimate NTN is very advantageous as NTN gives favors on banking transactions, buying vehicles, and much more

Active taxpayer benefits

  • On both profits and cash withdrawals lower rates of tax deduction at source by banks
  • Whenever registering and transferring motor vehicles, reduction on withholding tax (tax already deducted from your income and gains)
  • On buying and selling property lower rate of tax is levied
  • Withholding tax rates are lower on capital gains on the sale of securities
  • On the dividend tax will be charge lower
  • Withholding tax will be lower on prize bond winnings
  • Allows you to claim back overpaid tax that has been with held

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